Keep Your Friends Close and Screw Your Enemies


We all have friends. We have the friends we see all of the time, the ones we’ve known forever, the ones we were with all of the time but now life keeps us too busy so we call and text just to let them know hey I’m still here for you. As long as they are there for you they are a friend.

I can only speak from a woman’s perspective and as a woman we have many friendships throughout our lives. Many of us have that childhood friend that we grew up with and our parents are always asking about. We also have those friends from school maybe high school maybe college, that we form inseparable bonds with. Some of us are lucky enough to have a friend in the form of a sibling or family member. Whatever type of friend you may have know that you call them a friend because they share the special moments in your life that make you smile, but have also seen you at your worst and loved you through the darkness.

Let’s start with the childhood friend. In my case we met around 6 years old because we grew up in the same development. We went to elementary school together, shared the same friends, and our parents got along well. In grade school you have so many friends, but there are certain people you hope will stick around for the long haul so you have someone to share old memories and stories with. Life can be a bitch and separates you from your closest friends, but what’s meant to be will be right? A real friend is someone you can go without seeing for a while and when you are reunited you pick up exactly where you left off. Fate has a way of putting people you need back into your life. Enter high school and enter the childhood friend who wasn’t supposed to walk through those doors but magically does. You pick up where you left off and that trust is still there. You both have different groups of friends now, but you still have each other when it matters. When you feel alone or have a problem you can’t talk to anyone else about enter childhood friend. She’s the constant in a world of chaos. That constant remains through college when life once again brings you down different paths. Phones and holidays keep your relationship alive. If you’re as lucky as I am you still have your constant around when your adult life begins. Although you don’t get to see each other because life is a cruel bitch that keeps you both busy were always a text away. Whether its health or personal problem she’s the one that you can text without saying hello and know you will get a response with no judgement. You don’t always agree with each others choices but because you’re real friends you’re always there for each other. 

Then you have that friend who is more of an acquaintance and then all of a sudden becomes a friend you can’t live without. If you’re as fortunate as I am she will introduce you to another friend who you are blessed to have in your life. This friend is your therapist when you can’t turn to anyone else. She is the one that brightens your day with humor when the world seems so dark it’s like you’re drowning. She is the light in the dark sea that guides you to safety. There is no judgement or cruelty when you open up to her only genuine love. She brings beauty into the world with her creativity and just wants what is best for you and everyone else in her life. This is the friend you need when nothing else in your life makes sense. Your schedules conflict, but she has all the time in the world to call or text you when you’re in need. This is the friend you know is never going anywhere and gives you a sense of peace knowing she is there. Not to mention she shares your sense of humor and there are few people who do. Be there for her because friendship is a two-way street.

The next friend is the one that is older than you, but not always wiser. You just click! Your weirdness works together and she is the free spirit your young soul needs. When I say older I mean a few years but when you meet someone a few years older when you’re 17 it’s one of the coolest things in the world. You both share a love of movies and doing stupid things together. Remember how I said older but not wiser, well it takes two idiots to not realize pre-made beverages already contain alcohol and you should not add additional alcohol to the mix. Yup, she’s that friend. On a more serious note you’re both medical messes and totally bond over your misery when one of you is in pain, or in our case both of us. I guess that’s part of the strange bond. All fun and games aside she’s the one that stays in your life. She’s the one that’s up late when you can’t sleep because your sad or just want to talk. When you’re lonely or hungry she’s there. If you’re bored and need something different to do she’s the one to call. She’s the friend that embraces you for your weirdness and will never judge you in any aspect of your life. 

The last friend is the one who you don’t even think of as your friend because she’s like your sister, but unlike your real sister you actually get along. This one is the one that cries when you cry and laughs when you laugh. She not only shares herself with you but her family, friends, and even pets. You’re included in all aspects of each others lives to the point where your boyfriends question your relationship because when you’re not with each other you’re talking about each other or constantly texting. Speaking of boyfriends when they are driving you crazy you two are each others sanity because no one else understands since you’re both the only ones in long-term relationships. This is your soul mate in female form. She’s the one around when your family is so embarrassing it would make anyone else run for the hills. She is the one you would never ask to pay you back because you just don’t care about spending money on each other when you’re together. This is the friend that you can say you wish you met before college because it’s so hard to picture your life before her. If I think about my future I can’t see a day without her in it. She’s the one that shares my dreams and ambitions both professionally and personally. She doesn’t think I’m crazy when I text her at midnight telling her I’m thinking about food because she is too! When you plan something to do you don’t even bother to ask if the other one wants to do it you just include each other. You are never jealous of the others achievements because you are so proud and so happy to be included in her happiness. There are things that happen during your day that you want to share with her before you tell your significant other because you know she will understand it better. There is truly no judgement in this relationship only respect and honesty. You respect her honesty even when it’s not what you want to hear. If she’s mad at you you’re hurting because something will remind you of her and you can’t share it because you’re arguing. Although fighting is rare it is always brief because you would never do anything to risk your friendship. She is the friend that Carrie Bradshaw had in mind when she said that your girlfriends are your soul mates. She is your soul mate in the form of a soul sister. 

There’s one more I want to add to the friends list. He is the one that you come to at the end of the day when you just need arms around you. He is the one you want to talk to about your day and what is going on with your girlfriends. He is not just your lover but also your best friend. Yes, you can have more than one best friend. When you’re with someone for years you can’t help but find a best friend in them. You receive unconditional love from him and although you disagree with each other you’re never judged. The love for each other is unconditional. You fight as much as you love but you do so because you care so deeply for one another. No matter what you need he is the one that is there. When you’re hurting or happy he is the one who is there every step of the way. He might not understand all of the aspects of your life but he will listen when you tell him you already spoke to your bestie about it and explain what she had to say in detail. Even if he doesn’t care he will listen, or at least pretend to listen. He is the part of your heart that would never heal if he were to walk out of your life. He’s part of your soul because he knows every part of you inside and out. He is the friend that you want to share your life with. 

As for your enemies, they aren’t friends for a reason. They don’t have you’re best interests in mind. They don’t care if you fail as long as they are succeeding. When you’re sad it doesn’t hurt them. When you’re happy they aren’t happy they are the ones that show their true colors because they are jealous of your success. These are the people who bring nothing good into your life. You don’t need them just to say you have another friend. Screw them because they will screw you! Cut them out of your life because the quality of your friends out weighs the quantity of your friends. 


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