Superstitious Much?

How Many Black Cats Does it Take to Make You Unlucky? 

Ever hear that saying that if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck? Oh, and you’re supposed to turn around and take a different route? What if you can’t turn around and go another way?  What happens when it happens twice in two weeks?

Now, I am not a cat racist! I love cats, I am THE cat lady! I do however believe in superstitious. Lately my luck has been non existent so anything I can do to avoid more bad luck I am going to do. Life has a sick sense of humor that likes to kick you when you’re down. Last week I was driving home at night and slammed on my breaks to stop for a fluffy black cat who decided to run in front of my car. My first thoughts were DO NOT HIT THE CAT! The I said, “Oh crap!” I didn’t want to add to  my lack of luck. Of course there were cars behind me so I couldn’t turn around and go a different way (which I really would have done) and the only turn I could make was ahead of me. At least the cat was safe.

The next few days I waited to see what bad luck I would have. Well, what do you know 3 days later BAM. I  went to get my hair done to boost my spirits from the already craptastic luck I was having. I went to the same girl who has been doing my hair so nothing could go wrong. Yeah that wasn’t the case. I ended up with random orange stripes on the top of my head and piss yellow on the ends. Thats not even the worse part. She fried it so it looked dead and dull. A normal person would not have let me walk out the door like that, but of course I didn’t really examine my hair until I left because I trusted the girl at this point and she told me to just come back for a toner. Toner my ass! I couldn’t get my fingers through my hair or hide the hideous stripes. She had even trimmed me so I really have no clue what she did. When my hair was wet it was stretchy and mushy! I looked like a million bucks (sarcasm).

I had to deal with this disaster and the manager would not give me my money back. He said I could let the girl fix it but there was not a chance in hell she was touching me again because with my luck I would end up bald. So what was I supposed to do? I reached out to an old friend who does hair and she squeezed me in the next day. I had sent her pictures so she knew what she was working with. She had to cut a bunch of hair off before she could even fix the color because the damage was so bad. Not a problem I could handle losing some hair. So then I come to find out my hair was bleached to such a point and the damage was so bad the color might not look good. Anything had to be better then what was currently on my head. So she puts the dye on my hair and after sitting for a while rinses the color out. Now it was time to finish cutting it and shape it. The damage from that bleach was so bad we couldn’t get our fingers or a brush through it. My friend said we had to cut more off, a lot more. I wanted to cry but I knew if it stayed and I tried to brush my hair at home I would damage my hair more. I couldn’t even go for a nice long bob because the other girl had cut my hair so uneven! So the scissors are cutting away and by the time she is done it’s more than an inch above my shoulders and the shortest pieces touching my jaw. I wanted to cry and I did but I held it in until I left. The color actually came out nice but it wasn’t what I wanted but all that could be done due to the damage. So I went home and cried and laughed that my luck just keeps getting worse.  Did I mention I got jokes about being a young Justin Beiber? Ugh.

Jump ahead a week to today. I’m coming home from dinner with my boyfriend and his friend and what do you know, another black cat runs in front of my car. Once again I can’t turn around because there are cars behind me and I was on a straight road. I’m in bed writing this and so far I still have all of my limbs and what is left of my hair. After last weeks experience I am awaiting the next round of bad luck to hit. Wish me luck!



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