Inspired By: What Students Remember Most About Teachers


Source: What Students Remember Most About Teachers

This has to be one of the most meaningful things I have read in a while. Everything about this post spoke to me. If you have read other posts of mine or know anything about me you know I haven’t been “fine.” I have been feeling down and doubting everything I have done this far in my life. I have questioned my decision to go to school to become a teacher and if it is what I should do with the rest of my life due to all of the politics in the education world.

Tonight I was browsing educational blogs and came across a wonderful blog by @MeltheLiteracyCoach and her posts spoke to me. She had posted “What Students Remember Most About Teachers” and it lead me to the original posting, which I am now reposting.

This post reminded me why I worked so hard in school. It was not to make the best lesson plans or impress everyone around me. It was to be there for the children! I know in this world you have to be the best for administration, but it is nice to know there are still teachers and people in schools who believe that the most important part of being a teacher is being there for your students.  I am now reminded that although I am out there interviewing and doing demonstration lessons for numerous administrators who will critique me and tell me I lack experience I am doing it for the right reasons.

Education jobs are hard to get now, and unfortunately it doesn’t always come down to skill anymore and it comes down to who you know. Even when it does come down to skill there are always people with more experience, but I will tell you something. I may not have a lot of experience but I do have a lot of heart! I know why I want to teach and I know that I can teach. I learn quickly and I work hard. Most importantly I do it all while caring. When I do get my own class my students will not only learn curriculum but they will learn to care. They will learn to care enough about themselves to work hard and they will care for each other. At the end of the day if they leave my classroom with that I can say I will be proud.


What a kid is taught is what a kid becomes ~ Mr. Turner, Girl Meets World 

     To my future students:

                     You will always know I care because I never gave up on my dream and I will never give up on any of you. 




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